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Games That Can Help Hone an Autistic Child’s Social Skills

Games That Can Help Hone an Autistic Child’s Social Skills

Play is often a kid’s idea of work. However, children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) might find it challenging to play with their peers as they might have difficulties following expected group behavior. Yes, it’s best to take advantage of ABA Therapy in New Port Richey, Florida to assess your kids’ social readiness. Playing the following games with them at home might also help.

  • Problem-solving Role Play.
    Create flashcards with different social problems. And allow your kids to solve these situations. Yes, this game involves a lot of storytelling and could be a perfect addition to your nighttime routine.
  • Feelings in Flash Cards.
    Make flashcards that illustrate different emotions. Explain the emotions to them in scenarios. Then, pick a specific time of the day wherein you’ll have your child choose the card that illustrates their emotion. This is a common activity professionals give when conducting behavior analysis in Florida, which you could also use at home.
  • Hide and Seek.
    This activity can hone your kids’ gross motor skills and ability to connect and observe others. However, it’s best to have this activity in an enclosed area, such as a yard. Just add huge boxes, huge potted plants, and other objects where they can hide.
  • Lego.
    Tactile projects help kids focus. This means you can also minimize their anxiety and frustration, knowing that they’re free to build anything they want. You might also like to invite a behavior analyst to watch how kids build. This can help them create apt therapies and programs for your children.

Kids with ASD might have special needs, but they’re equally gifted and unique. It’s just a matter of giving them apt training and support. To get started, get professional support from Autism Interacts ABA, a provider of ABA therapy and behavior analysis in Tampa Bay.

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