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We help children with ASD develop into their full potential.
Young woman and little girl with autistic disorder playing at home

Before we conduct our services with both the child and the parent, we make an initial assessment of the child with regard to their condition and their needs. As much as possible, our team that provides ABA therapy in New Port Richey, Florida wants to maximize the programs we provide to all children in order to help them grow and become independent individuals in the future. In addition, we want to help families cope with the effects of the disability and manage the behavior of the affected child in a warm and positive manner. We are able to provide clinic-based, home-based, school-based, and community-based sessions, depending on the needs of the children and their family members.

You can take advantage of the following services we offer:

Our experts address the following issues in children with autism spectrum disorder:

  • Uncontrollable tantrums/crying
  • Hitting /pinching/biting self or others
  • Inability to vocalize/impaired language
  • Feeding Problems
  • Stereotypical/repetitive behaviors
  • Poor eye contact
  • Poor or no social skills
  • Impulsivity
  • Toilet training

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