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Explaining Autism to Siblings

Explaining Autism to Siblings

Society has become more adapted to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder compared to a few hundred years ago. Back then, people misdiagnose ASD as one of many other conditions. In the most severe cases of ignorance, sometimes people call it the work of the devil. Today, the fields of psychology and medicine have had the time to study ASD.

Research has found ways to increase the quality of life for patients and their families. Right now, patients with ASD have plenty of people to turn to – a psychiatrist, psychologist, and behavior analyst, among many others. However, nothing beats the support that the families of the patients can provide.

There’s a chance that a child with ASD is currently living with siblings that don’t have the same condition. When this happens, the siblings may misunderstand the situation, and it can cause problems with the relationships between siblings. As a leading provider of ABA Therapy in New Port Richey, Florida, here are some tips we can tell parents on how to explain ASD to their other children:

  • Parents should be well informed beforehand. Information should come only from trusted sources like professionals and scientific literature.
  • Emphasize information that is directly related to their sibling with ASD so they can relate to them.
  • Share tips on how they can deal with and continue their relationship with their sibling with ASD.

Like many things, the steps above are easier said than done. If you ever need professional advice from industry-leading behavior analysis in Tampa Bay, please give us at Autism Interacts ABA a call.

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