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Essential Guidelines on Positive Reinforcement


Positive reinforcement is a strategy utilized in most early intervention programs where a child is given reinforcement to either increase or decrease a goal behavior. It is widely recognized as a key component of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). If you have been meaning to broaden your understanding of this, we are right at your service!

At Autism Interacts ABA, we put our best efforts into providing quality ABA therapy in Florida. In addition to this, we also see to it that we supply families with the necessary resources to increase their chances of successfully navigating their children’s special needs.

As trusted experts in behavior analysis in New Port Richey, Florida, the following are guidelines on positive reinforcement that we believe you should know about:

  • Identify the target behavior

    Clearly define the behavior you want to reinforce. It could be anything from completing a task, demonstrating good manners and appropriate social skills, or achieving specific learning goals.

  • Choose appropriate rewards

    Select rewards that are meaningful and motivating for your child. Rewards can vary widely, including praise, recognition, privileges, or other incentives that align with the child’s interests and preferences.

  • Be specific with praise

    When using verbal praise, be clear and specific about what behavior is being reinforced. Rather than using generic statements like “good job,” provide feedback that highlights the specific action or effort that led to the reward.

If you want to access more materials, such as how to support your child’s progress, you are welcome to reach us anytime.

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