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Decreasing Unwanted Behavior With ABA Therapy


In Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, reducing unwanted problem behaviors is often a primary goal. While you, as parents, can enlist the help of professionals in accessing this form of intervention, it is also wise to arm yourselves with vital information—also referred to as parent training—to facilitate positive outcomes within your little ones.

Need a tip or two on how you can achieve this? Autism Interacts ABA, your trusty provider of behavior analysis in New Port Richey, Florida, has got you covered!

Backed by our experience and expertise in ABA therapy in Florida, we can convey some of the key strategies you can use to help decrease problematic or unwanted behavior. These are as follows:

  • Consistency and Predictability

    Maintain a consistent environment and set clear expectations for behavior. Consistency helps kids understand what is expected of them and reduces confusion and frustration.

  • Antecedent Manipulation

    Modify the environment to prevent or minimize triggers that lead to problem behavior. This can involve making changes to the physical environment, altering routines, or providing clear instructions to set your children up for success.

  • Reinforcement of Incompatible Behaviors

    Reinforce behaviors that are incompatible with problematic behaviors, such as tantrums. By reinforcing alternative behaviors that cannot occur simultaneously with problematic ones, you can decrease their occurrence.

  • Prompting and Prompting Fading

    Provide prompts or cues to help your little ones engage in desired behaviors. Gradually fade prompts over time to promote independence and reduce reliance on external cues.

Looking for tried-and-true experts in behavior therapy in Florida? Let’s talk!

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